Righteous duty-on loans or credit

Posted by dema maharesy

World economic conditions are more uncertain, the difficulties of life, coupled with the ease of getting goods to the credit system to make the debt become one of the many alternative solutions chosen, few orangmengakhiri his life or escape from pursuing debt collector for nonpayment of debt or credit, while the Another vote for or against fist tindakaan intimidation for refusing to pay.

really amazing when the Bible was also recorded on the loan, it can be assumed that people really should pay back what was once the borrowed, refused to pay should not be done properly, when the incident took place when we do not repent, if possible we can change it, remember that we will reap what we sow ever before, www.jawaban.com site gives practical advice for the three of us who have loans or debts, namely:
First, pay off the loan immediately after receiving a salary and do not delay
The second makes a social gathering as an alternative, especially if the loan deadline approaching and not enough money.
third-subtract your expenses when borrowing money

are three suggestions on good enough when in practice, but as far as possible try to not owe, because after going to the financial burden of personal and family, looking for additional income can be used as an alternative to solve this problem, as the righteous, we should pursue is to be be a generous giver, does not give much much better than asking for or receiving?

pray that God gives us the grace to become a responsible person if you have dependents loans, more than that, let the results of our jobs, God can use a channel of blessing to others, we would have known as a righteous, loving and generous and not known as a person who is not responsible


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