grateful living

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For Daud, a simple young man who spent a lot of time on the field to keep his flock, sitting on top of power as the number one in israel would not have occurred to him, so it is not excessive if he then gave thanks to God, source of strength and protection for this, but once it was not just Daud's grateful for what God has in his life kerjakaan, through which the Psalms he wrote, we know that the sense of Gratitude is always there in him

"give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the wish of God in Christ Jesus for you" Word God passage may not be alien to us, we are reminded to always thank God, actually, there are many reasons why someone grateful for passing exams, getting raise, won a case in court, or other exciting things, unfortunately it was not enough to make sense of gratitude is always there within us

a person who always thankful it was not easy, demands a higher life and the reality of life is not always the same harpan often become the usurper of gratitude, therefore, we must always remember that God not only with us but he also has designs beyond normal for our future Amin, in other words, the future of our lives completely secure and beautiful in His hands

anything that we experience throughout the day, know that it can not be separated from divine intervention, so, we will now give thanks to Him for all that?


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