win over the state

Posted by dema maharesy

Zhang is a child of a struggling 10 years after daddy who was seriously ill himself, his mama had to leave their families because of poor survival and should take care of her husband, but did not give up zhang, lamenting the fate or self-pity, this condition forced him to take a big responsibility to find food for her and daddy, and looking for an inexpensive drug while still in school, Zhang perseverance was finally reached to the government to reward China with the award

Zhang has a different response from the people who give up easily kebanyakaan, self-pity or life depends on the mercy of people when experiencing difficult situations, is as full human beings with limitations we never know what challenges lie ahead of us, however, it is our response to determine whether we will surrender or come out a winner

God actually gave freedom to the people to choose whether defeated or conquered a state, the life story of Mary gives a pretty clear picture of how complicated the situation at that time, she only believes in the belief that nothing is impossible for God, if we believe that this word would be great , whatever our current situation, things are not going well, believe that nothing is impossible for God, He can turn a bad situation even be better, people can concoct something something evil, but God can turn it into good for us , even curse can in turn be a blessing

let's learn to trust that He is able to overcome all the problems, The question is, whether we want to be a means to declare His Glory? what we need to do is believe and do not give the circumstances, God can do all things, even the impossible ones, for the glory of His Name


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