Power Alliance

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Babies can be said if it was healthy in a matter of days or months of gaining weight, motor function can work well and are able to respond to the environment, in addition, babies can also express a sense of excitement and unhappy, uncomfortable and inconvenient, as well as can be attract the attention of his parents established a good, if not, impossible a normal baby will grow

in the world of midwifery, there is a kind of a strange disease called marasmus, the disease attacked bayibayi newborn and very dangerous because it can cause death, marasmus was not caused by viruses or bacteria, but because of the lack of a touch of love, baby that was never touched, held, have never felt the warmth of love and not in love will experience death in a short time because he felt the death of a very, very

so it is with our people believe, if we do not have an intimate relationship with God and others, then our spiritual will not progress, just the opposite happened, we will experience spiritual death, therefore, we desperately need a touch of warmth affection God so that we do not experience drought and spiritual emptiness in the follow-HIS, Christ must have in us and we are in Him, (Rev 3:20), we also desperately need support, comfort and advice from relatives as faith, it is impossible to separate our themselves from a sister community of faith, because God has designed each of the kids HER to be a living body, we need to realize that we can not live alone

relationship with God and others heal marasmus believer in life

Financial Success

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spoke about the success of all people would want, let alone success in the financial sector, but such success in other areas, the success of any financial dlam not something that can be obtained without effort or easily obtained, then what should we do?

1. faithful set
do not make money to be master of our lives (lbr.13: 5), use the money we earn to your needs (Matthew 5:23-24), one way is to record the needs of the use, for example, to kebututhan personal, family, job, or some other needs

2.faithful receive
every month we would receive a financial blessing from the Lord God through the business, work, or giving other people (2 Thessalonians 3:10-12, Matthew 6:11), to receive blessings from God, then there is gratitude expressed through prayer, work , and the creativity of life for more advanced

3.give faithful
every blessing that we have obtained a deposit of God, so there is your duty to return to God, giving all we can do can be:

a.tithes, (Mal 3:10), tithing is God's property that must be refunded as a sign that we prioritize him financially, at the time we return tithe, then God has promised to double the property you have in abundance (2 core 9 : 8), He also will scold glutton locusts that symbolizes the things that can suck up our finances until the end (mal 3:11)

b.special offering (2 kor 9:7) at the time you have a promise to give thanks when you're having a special event, and promises that you do not constitute coercion suata from others, and the blessings that God also promised to double the blessing of your finances

maximize every blessing of God to manage it wisely

No Fear

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Job is one of the children in the classroom, in a school, one day when asked to testify, he told this story "that night I was really scared, it rained heavily and the thunder-replication bersahut deafening, I was afraid to hide in Under the covers, crying, not long before she came and hugged me, he told me not to fear because the night would accompany me to sleep, my heart was at peace to hear it, that night, though rain grew heavy and permanent lightning sound was deafening, but I can sleep with calm, because I know and believe that my mother who loves me is with me "

every person must have experienced the fear in her life because of various factors, the most dominant cause is the lack of trust in self, others, the environment, even God, this is what the disciples experienced when their boat in the wind and big waves, they panic and feel hopeless, but began to think that destruction is approaching, the same thing, too many adults experienced this, when the heavier issues they began to think of giving up, when the Lord Jesus Christ in power and able to help overcome them all, Garry R Collins, a Christian counselor , said, "is biblical, it is not wrong if we try to live more realistic in dealing with the problem by ignoring the danger is an act of indiscretion, but one also if we live in fear, for this kind of concern we should give it to God who can shed us from such pressures, and freeing us to live more realistic and meet our needs and others'

today, let us keep all the fear from within ourselves through self-surrender to God, for He is with us, there's nothing to us because He is God's Fear of the ruling, Believe!!

I have been looking for the Lord, and he answered me, and delivered me from all the vibration (Psalms 34:4)