pursuing conservation - Only in God is life and a true blessing

Posted by dema maharesy

major Peuchen Arthur is a chemical engineer from Toronto, Canada, he came from a fairly prominent family and has an abundance of wealth, large businesses in Europe and America, when the ship Titanicmengalami misfortune, he was he was blamed for a room that ship first class to a business trip, in a state of panic and urgency, one question came to mind, what should be chosen to take at a time like that?, he finally stepped into the rescue skoci with three oranges, and left the tin box containing $ 200,000 worth of bonds and securities $ 100,000

above story confirms a truth that status, pride, and all worldly possessions that we fought for it was not really guarantee safety, it can even be easily lost in an instant, but even more demikianbanyak people chose to fight and give more the time of his life to pursue it all, while the true assurance of salvation, which is provided free of charge in the Lord Jesus, even less desirable, because the Lord Jesus' statement is written in Mark 8:36 we should always consider

reflection of all that, let's reflect back to our lives danprioritas choice, do not spend energy, time, and mind to pursue vanity, instead, pursue only what is valuable and eternal, from now on, keep all the futility and live in God


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