a family-true love is the strongest foundation of a marriage

Posted by dema maharesy

I was quite surprised to read the confessions of young celebrities about divorce, with a very loving wife, kriwil haired man whose name is raised through private TV comedy show is honest to admit that he was married, looking for popularity, not because of true love, divorce they add a long list of Indonesian celebrities divorced and as reinforced in the public view that divorce is a common thing and not have to worry about .... too bad,

there are many motivations of people in choosing the natural partner of his life, some of which are: fame, wealth, social status, compassion, or a strong commitment to love partner, perhaps at first motivation is difficult to detect, but also likely to prove time, especially when the problem for the problem started up, married life is like a house that requires a strong foundation, there are a few houses affected by the shock was experienced fractures, the same thing might happen in the not built upon the basic foundation of the right, that's why a sacred promise before the altar, the two bride promised to love her partner in various situations until death do them, strong commitment, focus, to Christ and the divine vision of a marriage, which is a witness to this world, allowing a family to live through all obstacles and emerged as the victor, Christ is the foundation strongest to build anything in human life, including a happy married life

what underlies your love to the husband, wife, children, parents, and your family? let us learn to base any relationship with love, which is sustained by the commitment and his eyes fixed on God, only God the best basis for building a harmonious family and can be a blessing


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