The power of Word

Posted by dema maharesy

I once got fired from a job, of course, my initial reaction is to feel disappointed and worried because they have to immediately find another job, I worry how to make ends meet everyday because I also have to take my sister school needs, in such circumstances, I still memperkatakaan word of God, which contains the promise of recovery and kemenagan every day, I believe there is power when God's word is spoken, the result my income doubling to 200%

Various negative reaction: disappointment, anxiety, and worry about losing a job, in general, often experienced by many people, humanly speaking it feels natural, but The question is whether we should bemoan the situation, or we come to God and ask Him to face all the problems of our lives? one of the things we can do when in trouble is to describe the word of God, it is far better than self-pity, echoing the fears, concerns, and various other negative words, as I believe, there is usual result that I experienced

Book of Proverbs that we just read too affirms that we will take what we say through our words, especially for the believer, we must be careful and pay attention to our words seriously when do not want to reap the result of the negative words that we speak, the day These days, whatever the current conditions we face, should from our mouths always mengeluarkaan words of praise, prayer and thanksgiving to God, wherever possible, with the grace of God, do not complain, grumble, grumble, or to God, instead say thanks always to God, His Word terseia for us to strengthen, to give hope and help when we need, Trust us fully alive to him constantly present and always ready to help us


  1. Ely Biado said...

    Whatever happens trust that God knows better for us. Good or bad, it works together for good.

    Rom 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

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