Jesus for all

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What is on your mind when he saw a priest at the Sex Expo?, That's what craig gross, a priest and founder of a church, which was distributing flyers and book Jesus Loves Porn Star to the porn artists, church she founded aims to help the women players who want to adult film industry out of the film, spiritual counseling, help with science, and the profits so they can live a new life, ministry pastor Craig and his team managed to touch lives some artists and adult film producer that ultimately willing to live a new life with a new profession

when asked, it turns out Craig was inspired by the life of Jesus when he was in the world, Jesus was also hanging out with the men gamblers, prostitutes, tax collectors, and many types of people Sinner labeled, even said that the tax collectors and sinners often came to Jesus to hear him

Of course, Jesus knew the risks that should be tanggungnya when doing so, however, self-love in him to make Jesus kept doing his mission, Jesus believed that healthy people need not a physician, but the sick, not to people who feel self-righteous and do not need God, but to those sinners, who rejected her life, even in kucilkan society, that's what God's attention, but unfortunately, not many kids want to touch the church Tuhandan this group, to whom else they hope to God other than through His church? only the church's last hope for them

this day set aside time to pray for those in the rejected, discarded, ostracized and even that is not considered by the community


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