Peace-blessed are those who have and walk in the peace of God

Posted by dema maharesy

peace filled life is the desire of each person, but what comes to mind when you hear the word peace?This question had in some people ask, and answer them the same, there is a saying that the peace is a condition experienced by a person while having a lot of wealth, so do not worry about their needs, while some are saying that the peace is when he successful completion of the issues.

Peace means harmony,, needs, kindness, prosperity, and success in all areas of life, this word in Greek with the word "Eirene" means more than just go through life without conflict, but also calm, peaceful, and serene, which should be pondered now is, why the apostle Paul put the peace as the fruit of the Spirit, does not it's not something new? because even outside of our Lord, like the people who never in question, may have or have

as believers, we must know that what is offered is not the same world with which the Lord, the peace of the world given its apparent, not fixed, or can be lost due to the influence of circumstances, on the other hand, the peace of God is true peace, that can not be lost because of circumstances, but we must still keep it by maintaining a personal relationship with God


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