become adult-longing to grow into adults is freedom

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digestion is part of the human body is designed degan so magical by the creator, since ahirnya a baby on Earth, following the digestive system organs, which play a role in the human body develops by the age of these men, slowly but surely, an infant who was initially only consume asi, milk, or soft foods, eventually will learn to digest food more loudly until finally the digestive system ready to accept solid food without having problems

measure whether someone is ready to eat foods are maturity, be prepared to digest solid food is identical to the maturity level, Paul explains that adults are spiritually ready to accept solid food digestion have been trained, In God all things beneficial to the believer

every human being's natural tendency is to want things that are fun and reject the things otherwise, so do the attitudes of israel when it is in the desert, they repeatedly expressed remorse, why are willing to come out of Egypt with Moses, this is very disappointing response of Moses, God first, for He knows the best thing that he provided for everyone who loved him, life with a bright future instead of living in poverty and oppressed ignorance, Living in God's Testament instead of the life and legal oppression of the Gentiles do not know God

to become a person who understands God's purpose and goals, needed maturity, to become adult training is needed to empower, rather than perfunctory, it is this day we have lived the life of the understanding that God always gives us the opportunity to practice and learn to adulthood as a His desired


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