love and loyalty-love and loyalty are strong ties and support for families

Posted by dema maharesy

Divorce news hit the famous one in the Indonesian diva indicates the difficulty of maintaining the integrity of households in these days, incompatibility with a partner, infidelity, economic vulnerability, or involved an unhealthy relationship with the opposite sex in the workplace became the most powerful reasons that underlie the conflict and separation of many families, without a strong commitment, fear of the Lord of life, love family with divine love, the possibility of separating families would be much more, be careful!!

in a question and answer column about marriage in BAHANA, a national spiritual magazine has more than 20 years of blessing the Lord in Indonesian, a servant of God says that there are four basic for anyone who missed the strong marriage, namely: that true love is not selfish , loyal mutual respect, and mutual acceptance (understand) each other, these four should not be lost or eroded from family life and marriage because it would jeopardize the integrity of these household

Proverbs of Solomon ordered: "Do not love and loyalty would leave you!" True love that flows from an intimate communion with God in need of family life, even in every aspect of life, while loyalty is necessary especially when the hard times, it is not easy as turning the palm of the hand because the temptation to have greater failure, only by the grace of God, we can do it

if we miss the family a healthy, harmonious, happy, and loving God? Let us try and pray earnestly to love, loyalty, mutual respect, mutual acceptance and built therein, when the condition of the family in good condition, we would be happy to live therein, and the name of God will be glorified


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