The believer is a channel of God's love to the world that need love

Posted by dema maharesy

couple had just been named the new bride of the oldest in existence in the UK in 2009 and then, Sheila Walsh (87 years) and Les Atwell (94 years), the names of the bride, when the total becomes 181 years old, 3 years more than partner James Mason (93) and Peggy (85) who married in 2007, Walsh and his unique claims Adwell love at first sight when introduced by a house cleaner Atwell, they were finally married 3 years later after Atwell proposed in place The first time they met

Love did not know the age, since in the womb until his death, love is always colored his life, the fetus in the womb would have been in desperate need of love from their parents until the time of birth arrives, so do all his life too need love from parents and others, as well as Love which God gives in Christ did not know the age, God loves all men, so therefore he sacrificed on the Cross, love is the only reason for Jesus to redeem mankind

however, God does not want us to love His stop at ourselves, for we have received His love, forgiven, redeemed, and a part in His work of salvation, God wants us to forward it to others in need without distinction, if we want to be more sensitive and slightly opened eyes and hearts, there are quite a lot of people need a helping hand, a hug, a pat dibahu, praise for jobs well done, or need to be defended and supported over after making a mistake


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