With Love, From Your Valentine

Posted by dema maharesy

February when the moon comes, instant atmosphere around the mall changed, the decor is filled with flowers, chocolates and red hearts of young and busy young people prepare to celebrate Valentine's day, we examine as little about the history of Valentine's day, we will find the story -the story is touching, some versions are obtained, one of the well-known is the story about a servant of God called St.Valentine

then, a king who was ruling gave orders that there should be no marriage in the country, this is done the king wanted to strengthen its war squad with youth, the priest thought it was an unjust order and strange, even still married St.Valentine couples who loved each other, it led to the death penalty, before he died, he had given a letter to the girl's prison guards, who had been accompanied and encouraged while in prison, he was grateful for the kindness of the girl, in the end of the letter was one sentence inserted "With Love, from your Valentine"

This life story that is remembered and celebrated the day of death worldwide, particularly among the younger generation, as a Valentine's Day until today, we know that Jesus also commanded us to do the same thing (to love and love my neighbor)? just as He loves us, therefore we must love one another, Jesus' love more than a fighter of any who have ever lived on this earth, for love, He sacrificed Himself for the salvation of mankind, we should perish by the sins of His redeemed and gain salvation, He only wants us to accept His grace and share the love we have received to others by way of mutual love


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