Teatrum Gloriam Dei

Posted by dema maharesy

a theater or a show performed for the crowd watch,and to take the core messages conveyed to,theater staged not merely for the pleasure of the players, but also for the pleasure of the players

Calvin called Christian family as "teatrum Gloriam Dei",stage performances glory of God.the phrase has two sides of meaning,First, Christian families are required to be the glory of God.that is, Christian family life, should be able to reflect the glory of God,lives of its members in harmony with the will of God,so from a Christian family and the glory of God shone seen by others.second, Christian families are able to glorify God demanded,that is, the conscious life of each member dedicated to glorify God,the totality of family life dedicated to the glory of God,thus, the Christian families will truly serve as teatrum Gloriam Dei.

how sad when a Christian family was unable to attract another heart,how sad if paa players a bad image,Thus the family would not be a performance stage glory of God, but the stain of his glory


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