learn from Nicodemus

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Nicodemus, a Jewish religious leader, appeared three times in the gospel of John which shows his faith growth charts.First he came at night so that no other people in the know.he asked Jesus why he was able to teach the full power of the ith.different from the other prophets.Jesus answered a need in the new birth in order to see and experience the power of the kingdom of heaven.Nicodemus second appearance related to his defense of Jesus as the chief priests conspired with the Roman soldiers to arrest him.His faith began to grow.He began to dare to defend Jesus in front of his colleagues that he looked not to be true.

The third appearance associated with Jesus' burial preparation he brought with nut oil mixed with aloe oil.approximately fifty kati weight.through the actions of Nicodemus declared themselves as sympathizers or even a follower of Jesus in the open.now he is ready to accept all risks.Jesus said.whoever is ashamed of me and for my words, the Son of man also be ashamed of him.when He comes in His glory and the glory of the Father and the holy angels

something that is always growing, if our faith is the same as or less in the appeal many years ago, there must be something wrong with our faith


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