Key professionalism

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Represented Ismini women undergoing successful entrepreneurship,depart from farmers, he grew up as a pioneer of small medium among farmers of cassava,He once held up the sale price of he became slondok cassava processing,initially only in the yams were boiled with sliced, dried, and the fries, and then expanding it by grinding ismini boiled cassava, meramunya with spices and print the resulting food is more tasty and more interesting form

of his efforts he was able to send their three children, they can go to school because of cassava, he said, laughing

In the Bible there is also a noble person in the know through his work,profession as a carpenter aka tailor clothes maker,the kindness of this woman named Tabitha so impressive, it is reflected as many women mourned his departure as he showed clothes during her delivery Tabitha is still alive

The key is the attitude of serving God through everything we do, thus the world of work and relationships in general it also reflects,How we carry ourselves in the workplace? Is devotion to Him we have made the foundation's work?


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