the power of love

Posted by dema maharesy

love and presence of those we love making our feelings float,our heart feels good.everything we see looks beautiful.we hear anything feels good,love makes us excited and willing to do anything for the people we love,and resilient,when we fall in love all over the world is full of that name, our desire is just one near those we love.

dear human love is usually temporary(eros love),sgala faded after the love of the beautiful feeling lost with.Amnon son of Daud's first love so he fell ill at the thought of Tamar.but after getting what he wants (to sleep with Tamar),love soon faded even then arises hatred.

so that we can love unconditionally.we need agape love.agape love just thinking about the happiness of a loved one.though he did not return our love,we still love and sacrifice for her.eros love just thinking about himself, if not in the back iu love can turn into hate,Have you agape.we will in enables us to love those who love what they are and willing to sacrifice for him, whatever he gave reaction.

even if we have perfect faith, and a variety of gifts, without the love of all that is useless


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