Do not be Lukewarm

Posted by dema maharesy

one of the items listed above is the religion of our ID cards.possible in many countries this is no longer found on ID card population,Inclusion of religion on ID cards does contain weaknesses.Inclusion of religion on ID cards does contain weaknesses.inclusion of religion on ID cards a person can cause discrimination.second, that inclusion of a formality without the reception of,in other words, the inclusion of religion instead of teaching people to even hypocritical religious confession, they do not practice diversity in life.consequently you become a rare commodity, and each person is only pursuing their own kepentinganya ignoring others

If our faith is lukewarm only, then the hypocrisy would color the lives of believers kita.mengaku is useless if it does not do what we pious.talking about love is useless if it does not apply, churchgoers are useless if the remote emergency heart of God, Berkhitbah of the good it will not matter without it happen in the behavior and life.

lukewarm and hypocrisy will be the rejects of God, because it reflects the abuse of His grace

Do not believe half the battle, not half-half


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