Not just a discourse

Posted by dema maharesy

Tia lady complained several times that the well water continues to shrink since the beginning of the dry season,to fill a bathtub that is usually an hour now must wait about six hours.pump must be frequently turned off about an hour later in order to revive the well water could be sucked.similar conditions in nature by their neighbors.they lived in the area in jogja,at certain seasons of ground water problems are always a scourge in every dry solution to water crisis is getting worse.according to soil water conservation experts. Prof.Dr.sudarmaji and
is it well to catch the rain water.

but what would the word, brilliant idea that only the public knew his name by.implementation in the field was minimal.on the other hand the control of local government is very loose,catchment wells was merely a discourse that is not obvious, when started entrenched.

God who created us is also concerned with the preservation of the environment by keeping one of the ground water availability.Let us continue to try to reconcile between behavior and guidance of His one of concern for the lives datang.kita generation will not only discourse, but practice

concern for the preservation of the environment expressed gratitude for the gift of this universe


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