3 ways against defect

Posted by dema maharesy

Did you ever advise people but not heard?teaching people to live right and good but rather in the abuse and mockery?,Paul gave a powerful recipe to Titus to deal with people who are so.This is a recipe for their mouths shut

1.Be a role model, Jesus is our example, between what is taught him and what his is doing the same.so we should emulate his example by becoming the same

2.Be honest!.There are many people who are not honest with themselves, they wore masks to hide the true purpose.This Hereinafter dangerous.therefore we must be honest, there is no other purpose than for the glory of God's name.By being honest then no one can make fun of our preaching.

3.Do not open the defect.look at what we preach!,Cela here is preaching or teaching is not in accordance with the Word of God.all our preaching contrary to our previous coverage there is a flaw in our preaching


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