no need to rush-the spirit

Posted by dema maharesy

carol Odell, a business consultancy columnist once said that the slow motion of life can provide a positive impact for us in the workplace and at home.He believes the rush could affect our decision making.this is what causes us to ignore the important things and do not appreciate your loved ones.that's why carol encourage everyone to slow the movement of live.and even suggested a radical idea to purposely wait for traffic lights to red and use the time for meditation word.

anxious! that human.attitude in a hurry and in a hurry almost adorn most people live.a result not many people appreciate the tranquility.severity,while enjoying God's presence, many people want to get done quickly.can naot remain silent.could not calm down, because so hurry and wanted to get it over with.many people eventually came to the presence of God only wishes to convey the purpose and needs.after that, that's it, there's not much time to think, calm down, let alone understand the heart of God

the rush is one sign that we have not become true masters of the time


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