what the meaning of a provision

Posted by dema maharesy

when the summons to live in the era middle of nowhere.he was very poor.robe made from cheap cotton.hear this Simin,is there a rich man,gave a very good cloak, saying,when I lend something to someone else,I will soon forget,and when I give something, I think something's been lost.

to say thank you warrant that resisted,Simin said.I'm rich and you poor, why did you refuse my gift?.said saman,according to what I've heard, giving something for no reason is like throwing things into the gutter.though I'm poor I'm poor but I'm not a sewer, that's the reason why I was reluctant to accept.

sharing motivation can arise when one gives to others,giving no reason is an insult.gift of compassion is an insult.provision for a particular purpose is not honest.but the gift as an expression of love is to appreciate each other.provision without love it means nothing

so whether that had actually been moving our hearts when giving something to others?


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