How often do we govern God

Posted by dema maharesy

have you calculate your prayers in a day?you try to detail, how much for the glory of God's name, how many promises before God, and how many orders to God that He wants us to obey?if we're honest, was more than 50% content of our prayers just the last, so impressed more pious words that command you may replace it with the application or submission.but whether consciously or not, in fact you and we all get more of God to fulfill what we want rather than say the pledge or commitment before God to do something.drunk prayer, we become lazy, rather than promise before God to act,we even gave all things to God that He himself is working for us,we often think, just when you pray, everything will be fine!.Our excuses: Did not Jesus himself said that if we have faith as a mustard seed it so everything we want will be fulfilled?

True, Jesus said so, but we misunderstand the point, faith is important, but not limited to prayer, then we do not do anything.lift the stone by stone, it will surely move mountains


  1. vito celluar said...

    good..nice blog

  2. Desiray said...

    great blog indeed..I am a very firm believer in Prayer it is very Vital to our living,

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