account for the gift of God

Posted by dema maharesy

Parto original tribe mamak gutters, Indragiri Hulu regency, Riau is the only teacher the children tribal village.Do not call me teacher, I just teach them to spell the letters, read, and know the numbers, just that ability that can be transmitted to the public my my village, he said.

though he only tasted the education up to grade 2 junior, he believes the ability to read and write can be transmitted, so, as he took the job to his rubber latex, Parto took time to teach village children.

because without the education of our community will continue to be underdeveloped and monthly one-month-out, he said, each of us was trusted by God to join this life color.There is mention of gifts, talents, skills, an so on.this is what makes each of us can finally reach a particular position or we occupy a certain position, not a problem because we can color this life by what we do, although not holding office

therefore let us continue to learn to account for every good faith to the Lord, the owner of everything else to others


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