wonderful difference

Posted by dema maharesy

whose name is not always that difference must be addressed with antipathy and pessimistic.it was proved by the existence of GKJW mojosarirejo, in the compound karangpilang golden griya,early 1997.is the starting point in establishing GKJW Mojosarirejo.

according to association chairman Rony mangundang,the courage to ask permission to establish the Church in this compound originated from the display housing facility that provides a place of worship

the original church building is in use together is for the people of Catholic, Pentecost and GKJW and Catholics in the development and GKJ,Catholics and increases the GKJ GKJW names in use for the building and Rony grateful to the communities around the Church.

which built on the basis of mutual respect will result in sincere brotherly not easily fade,God taught the people that they also learn to live side by side with other nations.current progress of the world on one side of consciousness will lead to more narrow the world but on the other hand there arises the need for mutual respect


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