meaning of Christmas

Posted by dema maharesy

I read about the young couple whose business fails,and they almost did not have money to spend time at Christmas.they are forced to move house after the new year.however,they do not want this holiday season because of they decided to throw a party.when the guests arrived,they saw a cedar tree in lights and decorated a series of papers on small rolls and tied on tree branches with ribbons

welcome to our blessing tree.they said with beaming faces.even though we had hard times,God has blessed us with so many things so we decided to dedicate our tree to Him.every paper describes the blessings that God gave to us.

These couples face more challenges after that.but they chose to remain centered on God.they often say thanks Christmas tree is one of the most beautiful Christmas for them.because they can testify as to the doing of Mary.

any difficulties you,it does not need to ruin Christmas.Because there is nothing that can damage the Jesus christ,Stay focused on Jesus Christ and find a way to share the blessings of Him with others perhaps through your own blessing tree

to give meaning to Christmas, give the main place for Christ


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