mental training for victory

Posted by dema maharesy

Figure this one was a good-minded man.he was able to handle mentally so that when he learned there was a problem with a completely Completion.he ayub,a man without blemish in his era.although wealthy, he did not forget himself he did not live rah-rah and change his lifestyle a la the jet set.when he knew it was sin, he immediately took the distance and did not do that, almost flawless.nevertheless, he did not escape to the test, thank goodness for good mentality, ayub learn to make everything in the presence of God.

inhibiting one of our victory is the inability to train at the turn jiwa.kita easily from the road to eternal that we're going we are not able to train when there is a test of mental when there is a test.we live in despair and bitter heart. when the circumstances are not as we want.we immediately broken charcoal and find a scapegoat, but if you want is a test for our mental exercise that we become a better human being

if we want to practice a victory in this of the things that needs to be done is to train sooner was tempted not quick on the turn from the actual road.not easy to join in.but we learn to determine the way of life and consistent in it


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