we must not judge

Posted by dema maharesy

There is a story from China, Chuangtze and Huitze are on top of a bridge on the river hao, when he looked down, Chuangtze said "Look at the little fish itu.mereka chasing each other, that's their pleasure" Huitze responded, "You do not have to be fish, how do you know that it is their pleasure? "Chuangtze replied," You never were me, how do you know I do not know? "huitze Answer," because I'm not you so I do not know what you know is the same .. meaning to the word I was saying because you're not a fish, then you can not know the man's favorite "Chuangtze responded," let us return to the question. you asked me how I know the favorite fish. it shows that you think you know what I know. I know that from my own feelings.

Dialogue on reminding us that we are not easy to judge others, because what we know is not necessarily like what the others know by kita.dan what we do not know yet of course not in the know our fellow

Better to judge themselves and account for all of our actions before God so as not to bear the disappointment because of our actions in the rejection by his


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