tolerance in the award

Posted by dema maharesy

Ahmad Dhani went to America. But, this time the visit was Dhani. went to uncle sam country to meet the state's Department of Defense regulations become one of the keynote speakers in simponsium religious tolerance.

Do not forget he also brought the song "Laskar Cinta" for the American introduced,dewa19 group was not a religious one, but still respect each other

Togetherness is created and will strive together to create peace and security for all.not only the majority, the minority feels safe in. The Lord Jesus set an example by giving attention to the sick, poor, no companion, and the other weak,This certainly does not mean people who do not belong to the category of deliberately ignore him.Indeed by giving attention to those who are weak, at the same time God also gives reinforcement to those who need strengthening.

Come on where we each come to realize that respect for human companionship as his creatures to earn the award without considering all the attributes which only inhibits differentiation of togetherness that is built above the tolerance

True unity will strengthen the unity that is not easy in the break


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