not have excessive

Posted by dema maharesy

you never feel sick to see the food?I have, one day at a friend's wedding so festive, lots of available food.All types of food available, from simple food to special foods, the taste is diverse, really makes me confused to choose.Finally, I tried all the food there.Coming home I was really stuffed.It turned out I got home, there was festivity in the neighborhood so I give thanks to the food.Three full boxes with side dishes come to my house.However, my appetite was gone.Imagine having to spend the rice box alone makes me feel sick immediately.I was so stuffed, I did not sleep soundly because they feel crowded.

Maybe that's why, we are advised to ask for food and thanks to just enough.The people of Israel had given the manna from heaven.However, some of which intend to keep it greedy.But what happens, the next day it was manna decay.We asked for something kersp over to God, as though we doubt if the next day the Lord will continue to bless us.

Self sufficient with what's there, that's wise advice that we need to ponder.God knows the right measure to address our needs.If we have never given the lack day by day, why do we have to ask a blessing to excess?

A balanced life is to live with enough to develop any sense of what he had.


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