Creating tolerance and beauty

Posted by dema maharesy

do not want to dissolve in grief, the widow of Steve Irwin irwin.Terri Raines, began to deprogram. so that she begged her husband's death record is not published, for what it published? he asked, in he said he would not see the footage again. Irwin has said that he would be gone once, but when it happens to Terri in shock, especially he and two anak.Bindi Sue and Robert Clarence was somewhere else when Irwin left. and some of the media ignore it.

Actually, tolerant attitude and willing to respect other people will make life wonderful atmosphere around .as social beings, we can never live without other people.and conversely, our presence is also in need of others, but for good human relations and are positive, the Lord teaches that each of us to learn tolerance for others.How?we assume ourselves to be someone else.God's teaching,"What do you want to have someone else do that for you, then do it first "

Let us continue to learn to appreciate the presence and rights of others in this association so that our presence contributed to the beauty of the atmosphere of human relations

our presence is meaningful only if the virtues that we bring


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