Stone mountain safety

Posted by dema maharesy

the song you raise me up to be popular during a disaster aceh and surrounding area.This song says that when the big problem comes in our lives,there is always a sure source of help for us,That God.Rock of our salvation.when the storm hit us.and we feel helpless.God can help us overcome all our.He will lift us and put us on the mountain rocks and enabled us to weather the storm run.He will put us on the shoulder and will give us new strength.God allows problems came not to destroy us,through the problems we face He just turn us into one superior person and more tested.He wore it difficult to make us more whole, complete and not missing something

But to experience God petolongan we need to keep silent and wait in front of God, and seek His face.God sometimes speaks in the silence and tranquility, and declared His authority to us personally.God spoke to Elijah through the breeze,not through a hurricane, earthquake or fire,Jesus heals a deaf person with a separate person from the crowd, so they just alone

God always cares and we watched as other sources of help helpless and do not care anymore he still cares and is ready to help


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