Fruit of the trust

Posted by dema maharesy

at one time lived , acrobats able to drive a motorcycle with wearing blindfolds

on the show this time, he returned to make the audience impressed with through the streets in the area of steep mountains and in the wedge by the abyss-the abyss.through one round after he made a new sensation by challenging the audience to come ride with him.while the atmosphere became hening.karena no one who dared,Munculah Suddenly a small child from the crowd of spectators and accept the challenge magicians.The acrobats give a lift immediately the boy and left by steep mountains.short story he made it through this round safely.
The audience becomes marveled at the boy's courage, they ask
O son do you not afraid? why are you so believe in him? boy casually replied "of course not be afraid, because I really believed in my father"

we often lack trust in the Father in heaven and continue to worry, but if the child could believe in a human father, why can not we believe in our God?

our belief in the father is reflected in our attitude in facing the problem


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