so not bad thanks

Posted by dema maharesy

people believe in general to pray.asked and begged for his life thanks.businesses and jobs, families and children.but do you know that God is worthy of blessing for we have and enjoy every day?

requested or not, thanks to God in the lives of those who at the call of Christ.this is the secret of life is very valuable, thanks to God as profusely every day for the believers

so that the flow of traffic because it does not, then at least there are three things we can do.Let us first with each other in fellowship helped others feel the squeeze.consider the interests of others with humility.How does God want to pour out His blessing, if the husband, wife and son blame each ot.second, do not return evil for evil, but bless, this philosophy of heaven,Hell's philosophy said invective, and even curse your enemies.third,keep an eye on our tongue.if you speak in riddles,how the Lord entrusted his blessing.if we want to thanks to no traffic, then consider these three things is wise

our call to get HIS blessings


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