channel mercy

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Initial capital were involved in the social work Poppy Haryono Isman is not a mountain of money.But compassion and conscience,Haryono isman Poppy is a very understanding how complex health problems in Indonesia.less than ten years he was involved directly in touch with the poor in Jakarta and throughout Indonesia.

the trip with her husband to Dompu, I see how the horse pools together with a water bath, laundry, and he said the human toilet,in compact settlements in Pademangan Jakarta,in the area opposite the Jaya Ancol fantasy world, where the bowel together with the washing and cooking.The most lasting achievement in the liver during the poppy Haryono isman active as a social worker he knew how the suffering of the poor.

The Lord Jesus put compassion in every person and every situation.This allows him to touch the lives of everyone who comes to God.God's mercy is also moistened the world through all the good deeds done by the time students of the early church

whether it is in referring to it or not by God's people, we also have the opportunity to continue his goodness so that more and more people who feel the love of God is a relief


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