love is sacred and holy

Posted by dema maharesy

our senses previously created by God to see things noble and holy,feel things holy,kissed the things sacred,will be defiled and polluted in the hands of someone whose mind and his conscience is unclean and polluted.for the missionary saints wear eye not to see scenes from unclean(eg porn movie),but to see the glory of God and his work and the things that do not conflict with His word for the mind and heart well as with other senses.thus,holy and whether what is done by a person lies in the mind and heart sounds.therefore,for those who thought and conscience is unclean must be given the signs of this ban so that they do not do things the unclean .This applies to new unborn and follow Jewish tales and human laws that turn away from the truth but for those who have been born again and so did not come back into his old life.they must renew your mind with the Word of God every day.without renewing the mind and live in fellowship with God,is not possible for us to live in chastity and obey the commandments of God.therefore love is sacred and holy


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