when the book of life opens

Posted by dema maharesy

thats one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind" Astronomy enthusiasts will recognize the phrase from the legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong,The first human foot on the moon peddling.sentence in the quotation often to give inspiration and passion for discovery efforts in a variety of opportunities

but,for the programmer from Australia, peter shann Ford,famous sentence instead challenged him to prove its accuracy.original sentence may be just a bit of speech Neil Armstrong,but in the hands of Ford,in turn becomes a huge revision,for observer anywhere grammar.with the program, Ford could show each letter in a sentence Armstrong in the form of an accurate graphic

as well as in human life.Later in time the Lord will open the records of each of his people in the book of life,what is stated in the book is a record of what they are.including any of our words.if we still give him a chance by the current,let us use to carve a beautiful record of what we do with basing on the Word of God

When the Lord would open the book of life.we do not regret having learned to do everything in our lives based on His teachings.


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