four children's needs

Posted by dema maharesy

many parents are thinking when providing material needs of children,it was enough.while there are many other important things that the child needed.first children need touch and hugs.this creates a sense of security and peace for the child feel accepted and two children need positive words and reassurance from their parents,This role is to establish self-image and confidence of the potential child and the ability,God is pleased to say positively to the children of his."You are my beloved Son,I am pleased to yours"into three children need words of blessing and the picture of the future parents,Isaac said to Jacob.""God will give thee the dew of the heavens and the fat lands of the earth,the nations will surrender to you and tribes will bow down to you"on your anniversary, New Year or other important moments, speak words of blessing and a picture of the future for the children

fourth the children also need a reprimand and beatings, both Old Testament and New Testament emphasizes the importance of beating to straighten out the wrong attitude of the child.but the beating should be done with the aim to educate and to love


  1. Lina Gustina said...

    Great post. All parents should know what their children needs.

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