a pharmacist

Posted by dema maharesy

There was a pharmacist who has a good reputation, he was a loving family and a good businessman, news reports noted how he was so meaningful to many people, however, to gain greater profits, people who believe it began reducing benefits chemotherapy drugs in his channel, he was later caught and the law because the crime was, he made a lot of medical workers to be wondering, how could this happen?

The same question once in the cast by King Daudd, he was known as a man who loved God, but he uses the power of his office to take another wife, then he conspired to kill the husband of the woman, the dead man was one of the military officers Daud himself, who left his family to fight in a battle that will be undertaken for its King

Maybe we feel more relaxed when he saw the failure of famous people, but if we feel relieved that someone else's fault, then we do not know yourself, the Bible records that Daud's sin was not to weaken our moral vigilance, instead to make us alert

failures of others should make us more aware of our own weakness and make us more aware of our need for the grace of Christ, only by knowing our weaknesses, we will rely on the strength of God


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