motivation servant of God

Posted by dema maharesy

I rarely read Paul's angry, but this time he expressed his outrage, we read the sentence above is the expression of anger, in this world we can find different kinds of Christians and various types of Servant of God, too, there is a sincere heart, but not less Besides the search for profit opportunities in the middle of the existing

The servant of God sent to earth to keep the flock of God, though in principle we know the pastor as a keeper of sheep of God, but in general each of us must keep our other brothers, because in reality there are people who try to take advantage of their own

But that's what happens with many servants of God today, the Church of God is very indulgent God sermon fun, they provide excess facilities, but the problem is they start to drive the priest's sermon so that the material must be in accordance with their tastes, finally to God's servants professionals charge, the congregation of God go hand in creating this servant of God

Let us ask the Holy Spirit to examine our hearts are so far we still have a sincere heart, either in the presence of God and neighbor


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