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Posted by dema maharesy

Babies can be said if it was healthy in a matter of days or months of gaining weight, motor function can work well and are able to respond to the environment, in addition, babies can also express a sense of excitement and unhappy, uncomfortable and inconvenient, as well as can be attract the attention of his parents established a good, if not, impossible a normal baby will grow

in the world of midwifery, there is a kind of a strange disease called marasmus, the disease attacked bayibayi newborn and very dangerous because it can cause death, marasmus was not caused by viruses or bacteria, but because of the lack of a touch of love, baby that was never touched, held, have never felt the warmth of love and not in love will experience death in a short time because he felt the death of a very, very

so it is with our people believe, if we do not have an intimate relationship with God and others, then our spiritual will not progress, just the opposite happened, we will experience spiritual death, therefore, we desperately need a touch of warmth affection God so that we do not experience drought and spiritual emptiness in the follow-HIS, Christ must have in us and we are in Him, (Rev 3:20), we also desperately need support, comfort and advice from relatives as faith, it is impossible to separate our themselves from a sister community of faith, because God has designed each of the kids HER to be a living body, we need to realize that we can not live alone

relationship with God and others heal marasmus believer in life


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